You don’t need to be an expert to spot a lemon! Carefully evaluate the used 2002 Lexus car you intend to buy by physically scrutinizing it and reviewing its history. A VIN history report can alert you possible hidden problems such as odometer rollback, accident or flood damage and title branding that can affect a used car’s reliability, safety and performance!

ES 300
JT8BF30G2250 JT8BF30G4250 JT8BF30G5250 JT8BF30G6250 JT8BF30G8250 JT8BF30G9250 JT8BF30GX250 JTHBF30G2200 JTHBF30G4200 JTHBF30G5200 JTHBF30G6200 JTHBF30G8200 JTHBF30G9200 JTHBF30GX200 JTHBF30G2201 JTHBF30G4201 JTHBF30G5201 JTHBF30G6201 JTHBF30G8201 JTHBF30G9201 JTHBF30GX201 JTHBF30G2202 JTHBF30G4202 JTHBF30G5202 JTHBF30G6202 JTHBF30G8202 JTHBF30G9202 JTHBF30GX202 JTHBF30G2250 JTHBF30G4250 JTHBF30G5250 JTHBF30G6250 JTHBF30G8250 JTHBF30G9250 JTHBF30GX250 JTHBF30G2254 JTHBF30G4254 JTHBF30G5254 JTHBF30G6254 JTHBF30G8254 JTHBF30G9254 JTHBF30GX254 JTHBF30G2255 JTHBF30G4255 JTHBF30G5255 JTHBF30G6255 JTHBF30G8255 JTHBF30G9255 JTHBF30GX255 JTHBF30G225X JTHBF30G425X JTHBF30G525X JTHBF30G625X JTHBF30G825X JTHBF30G925X JTHBF30GX25X
JT8BD69S2201 JT8BD69S4201 JT8BD69S5201 JT8BD69S6201 JT8BD69S8201 JT8BD69S9201 JT8BD69SX201 JT8BD69S2208 JT8BD69S4208 JT8BD69S5208 JT8BD69S6208 JT8BD69S8208 JT8BD69S9208 JT8BD69SX208 JT8BL69S2200 JT8BL69S4200 JT8BL69S5200 JT8BL69S6200 JT8BL69S8200 JT8BL69S9200 JT8BL69SX200 JT8BL69S2201 JT8BL69S4201 JT8BL69S5201 JT8BL69S6201 JT8BL69S8201 JT8BL69S9201 JT8BL69SX201 JTHBD69S2201 JTHBD69S4201 JTHBD69S5201 JTHBD69S6201 JTHBD69S8201 JTHBD69S9201 JTHBD69SX201
IS 300
JTHBD1922200 JTHBD1924200 JTHBD1925200 JTHBD1926200 JTHBD1928200 JTHBD1929200 JTHBD192X200 JTHBD1922207 JTHBD1924207 JTHBD1925207 JTHBD1926207 JTHBD1928207 JTHBD1929207 JTHBD192X207
IS 300 Sportcross
JTHED1922200 JTHED1924200 JTHED1925200 JTHED1926200 JTHED1928200 JTHED1929200 JTHED192X200 JTHED1922208 JTHED1924208 JTHED1925208 JTHED1926208 JTHED1928208 JTHED1929208 JTHED192X208
LS 430
JTHBN30F2200 JTHBN30F4200 JTHBN30F5200 JTHBN30F6200 JTHBN30F8200 JTHBN30F9200 JTHBN30FX200 JTHBN30F2207 JTHBN30F4207 JTHBN30F5207 JTHBN30F6207 JTHBN30F8207 JTHBN30F9207 JTHBN30FX207
LX 470
JTJHT00W2230 JTJHT00W4230 JTJHT00W5230 JTJHT00W6230 JTJHT00W8230 JTJHT00W9230 JTJHT00WX230 JTJHT00W2235 JTJHT00W4235 JTJHT00W5235 JTJHT00W6235 JTJHT00W8235 JTJHT00W9235 JTJHT00WX235
RX 300
JTJGF10U2200 JTJGF10U4200 JTJGF10U5200 JTJGF10U6200 JTJGF10U8200 JTJGF10U9200 JTJGF10UX200 JTJGF10U2201 JTJGF10U4201 JTJGF10U5201 JTJGF10U6201 JTJGF10U8201 JTJGF10U9201 JTJGF10UX201 JTJGF10U2207 JTJGF10U4207 JTJGF10U5207 JTJGF10U6207 JTJGF10U8207 JTJGF10U9207 JTJGF10UX207 JTJHF10U2200 JTJHF10U4200 JTJHF10U5200 JTJHF10U6200 JTJHF10U8200 JTJHF10U9200 JTJHF10UX200 JTJHF10U2201 JTJHF10U4201 JTJHF10U5201 JTJHF10U6201 JTJHF10U8201 JTJHF10U9201 JTJHF10UX201 JTJHF10U2202 JTJHF10U4202 JTJHF10U5202 JTJHF10U6202 JTJHF10U8202 JTJHF10U9202 JTJHF10UX202 JTJHF10U2203 JTJHF10U4203 JTJHF10U5203 JTJHF10U6203 JTJHF10U8203 JTJHF10U9203 JTJHF10UX203
SC 430
JTHFN48Y2200 JTHFN48Y4200 JTHFN48Y5200 JTHFN48Y6200 JTHFN48Y8200 JTHFN48Y9200 JTHFN48YX200 JTHFN48Y2205 JTHFN48Y4205 JTHFN48Y5205 JTHFN48Y6205 JTHFN48Y8205 JTHFN48Y9205 JTHFN48YX205
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