You don’t need to be an expert to spot a lemon! Carefully evaluate the used 1996 Lexus car you intend to buy by physically scrutinizing it and reviewing its history. A VIN history report can alert you possible hidden problems such as odometer rollback, accident or flood damage and title branding that can affect a used car’s reliability, safety and performance!

ES 300
JT8BF12G2T00 JT8BF12G4T00 JT8BF12G5T00 JT8BF12G6T00 JT8BF12G8T00 JT8BF12G9T00 JT8BF12GXT00 JT8BF12G2T01 JT8BF12G4T01 JT8BF12G5T01 JT8BF12G6T01 JT8BF12G8T01 JT8BF12G9T01 JT8BF12GXT01
GS 300
JT8BD42S2T01 JT8BD42S4T01 JT8BD42S5T01 JT8BD42S6T01 JT8BD42S8T01 JT8BD42S9T01 JT8BD42SXT01 JT8BD42S2T06 JT8BD42S4T06 JT8BD42S5T06 JT8BD42S6T06 JT8BD42S8T06 JT8BD42S9T06 JT8BD42SXT06
LS 400
JT8BH22F2T00 JT8BH22F4T00 JT8BH22F5T00 JT8BH22F6T00 JT8BH22F8T00 JT8BH22F9T00 JT8BH22FXT00 JT8BH22F2T06 JT8BH22F4T06 JT8BH22F5T06 JT8BH22F6T06 JT8BH22F8T06 JT8BH22F9T06 JT8BH22FXT06
LX 450
JT6HJ88J2T01 JT6HJ88J4T01 JT6HJ88J5T01 JT6HJ88J6T01 JT6HJ88J8T01 JT6HJ88J9T01 JT6HJ88JXT01 JT6HJ88J2T09 JT6HJ88J4T09 JT6HJ88J5T09 JT6HJ88J6T09 JT6HJ88J8T09 JT6HJ88J9T09 JT6HJ88JXT09 JT6HJ88J2T0J JT6HJ88J4T0J JT6HJ88J5T0J JT6HJ88J6T0J JT6HJ88J8T0J JT6HJ88J9T0J JT6HJ88JXT0J
SC 300/400
JT8CD32Z2T00 JT8CD32Z4T00 JT8CD32Z5T00 JT8CD32Z6T00 JT8CD32Z8T00 JT8CD32Z9T00 JT8CD32ZXT00 JT8CD32Z2T06 JT8CD32Z4T06 JT8CD32Z5T06 JT8CD32Z6T06 JT8CD32Z8T06 JT8CD32Z9T06 JT8CD32ZXT06 JT8CH32Y2T00 JT8CH32Y4T00 JT8CH32Y5T00 JT8CH32Y6T00 JT8CH32Y8T00 JT8CH32Y9T00 JT8CH32YXT00 JT8CH32Y2T03 JT8CH32Y4T03 JT8CH32Y5T03 JT8CH32Y6T03 JT8CH32Y8T03 JT8CH32Y9T03 JT8CH32YXT03
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